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24/7 Global Business Solutions is in the business of helping SMEs and customers-alike

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We help you save money, earn money and make money!

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What is Global Spare Capacity and Excess Stock?

"99% of businesses are losing money because of Global Spare Capacity and most of them don’t even know it!"

Ever had surplus inventory? Downtimes at the shop or factory?
Time in between clients? That’s your space capacity and excess stock.

Anything that’s in excess or underutilized and not being used for your business. Almost all businesses have it. And sadly, most business owners don’t know what to do about it. Some just accept these losses. Some end up spending more money to market these products and services, cutting into their profits.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can use your spare capacity and excess stock to work for your business and get you even more customers anywhere in the world.

Here at 24/7 Global Business Solutions, we help take your spare capacity and excess stock to a global market and put it to work.

Use your spare capacity and excess stock to get the products and services you need from other businesses anywhere in the world. Get more customers by expanding your reach. Help businesses you love by referring them to customers and other businesses.


Why are you waiting for tomorrow to happen when you can do it now?

      What's In It For You?                               

             NEW CUSTOMERS
             LARGE SAVINGS

             LESS SPENDING

           An example of a regular transaction                        


24/7 Global Business Solutions is clearinghouse or marketplace where you can use your Global Spare Capacity and Excess Stock for your business. Your spare capacity and excess stock has value which you can use to sell to other business owners, buy products and services from other businesses, or use to get qualified leads to get you more clients. It’s a community where business owners help each other. Each exchange and each transaction using your global spare capacity and excess stock brings you more customers while helping businesses succeed.

Get more alternatives from us!

Is your business producing lesser than what it can actually produce? Do you have extra stock that’s just sitting somewhere in your store? If you just said yes to these two questions, then undoubtedly you have spare capacity and excess stock. One of 24/7 Global Business Solutions’ solution for you is get those stuff in our platform and have them promoted for free! Yes, that’s right, free! All you have to do is put your best deal or offer in our site and we’ll do all the work for you.

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